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Hello, my name is Sandra Grant, I live in the UK.

I have visited abroad and experienced some great musical times there too.

I am a professional Saxophonist and Flautist, with years and years of experience. Performed in night clubs, with DJs, in orchestras, with top soul funk and reggae bands, in churches, travelled round the world; New York Japan, Scandinavia, the Caribbean....... 

Seen it, done it, got the T –Shirt. I’m here because I want to give something back. I want to help other people enjoy the saxophone and flute as much as I do.

Some of you may want to go on and work in the industry, you may want to do it as a Hobby or just be happy to be a FAN. Whatever your aims are, SAX UP YOUR LIFE is here to HELP YOU!

And that’s my aim, to give something back. I hope people will see how much fun the saxophone is, not just a chore.

This Website and my YouTube music channels are for enjoying and obtaining an insight into the life of a musician, mainly Saxophonists and Flautists.
I will use it as an opportunity to share my music to the world.

When I perform I always try to make it lots of fun and it's for you my audience, not just for myself, so if there is anyone out there who would like me to perform a song of their choice, just join my mailing list here or subscribe to my YouTube music channels;  and I will be happy to perform your choice of songs.

On YouTube, I will take you to a variety of events including busking, this is something I’ve only done twice, and I was completely petrified doing it, so I may ask a friend to play with me and you can watch all of this on my You Tube Music Channels; Sax Up Your Life , Flute Up Your Life or SHE'LL BLOW YOUR MIND!

By joining my mailing list (at the bottom of my Home Page) you will be kept up to date with all my various music escapades.

I will also take you to my performances online, where I love to get all dressed up. Unfortunately most of my shows are for private events where I am not often allowed to make visual recordings, but I will find an opportunity.

Also I shall invite you to my live concerts on the internet which are online concert venues. So no matter where you are in the world we can have lots of fun together, while you get to choose the music I play. How about that for "The Best Musical Services Ever"!

I will also do live streaming of me practising my instruments. Now that’s something you don’t see often. A professional musician does not want you to see them practising, this is different from rehearsing. Practising is repetitive because you are trying to improve on a weakness in your ability and it never sounds pleasant. This will give you an idea of the work I have to put in to make the instruments seem easy and effortless.

I have released 5 CD albums which you can hear at; My Music STORE

1 "She'll Blow Your Mind” All my own compositions
2 "She'll Blow Your Mind with Jazz in Blues" (is a compilation of eight self-penned tracks, ranging from Jazz, Rock, Blues and Soul).
"She'll Blow Your Mind with DANGEROUS GROOVES" (has Funk, Soul, House and Hip Hop influences.
"NEW YEAR and CHRISTMAS part one".
5 "READ BLACK and WHITE part one" is an eclectic mix of smooth classic sounds from Louis Armstrong to Jay-Z


Thanks for your Donations!

I aim to build a fantastic stage with great equipment for my internet performances and get an electric saxophone to add the sound of bass, drums, guitar, keyboard etc. in order to play compositions from my composer fans among you, take my shows to great locations and make spectacular videos for Saxophone Lovers every day.

So a very big thanks and kisses for your support. You can donate at PayPal.Me/SandraGrant. or press the DONATION button at the bottom of this page. And please let me know who you are so I can say THANKS!

To hear my music and find out more about me go to; http://www.sandragrantladysaxophonist.com

For more information contact me at

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